Quantitative gait analysis in 5 minutes or less

  • Wireless wearable system that is portable and easy to use
  • Quickly analyze gait without the restraints of a gait laboratory, such as limited walking space
  • Proprietary technology validated using state-of-the-art camera-based motion capture
  • Automatically generated reports demonstrate patient progress toward measurable goals

Evolve your practice with the advantages offered by LEGSys™

Convenience LEGSys™ is easily portable and can be set up and utilized anywhere. Conduct gait tests at your office, in patients’ homes, or anywhere in between.

Independence With LEGSys™, you control when and where gait-assessments are run. No longer will you have to rely on outside facilities for quantitative gait assessment.

Accuracy LEGSys™ gait analysis algorithms have been validated and used in many clinical studies. Read more…

Objectivity LEGSys™ objectively quantifies your patient’s gait, enabling you to document therapy outcomes and identify effective treatments.

Validity Illustrate to patients, as well as insurance providers, the efficacy of your practice and the progress your patients are making with easy to interpret, measurable results.


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