Innovations in Wearable Sensors for Healthcare

Together with our clinical research and enterprise partners, we develop innovative, market driven, wearable sensor solutions that address some of healthcare’s biggest challenges.

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Sep 2017


BioSensics has received over $2.5M in grant funding from the NIH to develop a novel telecare solution for Huntington’s disease [press release].

Sep 2017

Bone Cancer Fracture Risk Assessment

BioSensics was awarded an additional $1.2M to develop a fracture risk test for patients with bone cancer based on skeletal CT scans.

Mar 2017

Essense SmartCare

Essence SmartCare has launched the Care@Home telecare platform, which uses ActivePERS fall detection and activity monitoring technology by BioSensics.

Nov 2016

Digital Health Global 100

BioSensics has been recognized as one of the 100 most innovative digital health companies in the world by the Journal of mHealth.