ActivePERS™ Highlights and Features

ActivePERS is an advanced medical alert solution with fall detection and activity monitoring. ActivePERS was developed with support from the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH) and in collaboration with the University of Arizona Medical School and Center on Aging. ActivePERS technology is available through licensing or wholesale purchase of ActivePERS sensors.

Automatic Fall Detection

Clinically validated and patented algorithms virtually eliminate false alarms

Activity Monitoring

Reports number of steps taken per hour or day

Usage Alerts

Detects if the device is not being worn

Fall Risk Assessment

Provides a fall risk score based on physical activity trends

ActivePERS™ Pendants and Licensing

ActivePERS pendants can be integrated into telehealth and medical alert platforms. The pendants feature a help button, automatic fall detection, activity monitoring, and usage alerts. Licensing allows our partners to integrate ActivePERS fall detection, usage, and activity algorithms into their devices and offer the unique capabilities of ActivePERS to their customers.

ActivePERS™ partners:

ActivePERS™ Android App

12 million seniors are using smartphones. The ActivePERS App lets seniors use their smartphone to receive medical alert services with no monthly fee. For more information about ActivePERS for personal use please visit

BioSensics also offers turnkey Android App and SDK solutions to allow our industry partners to integrate ActivePERS into their solutions, products and services. For further information about the available solutions, please email:

Activity Tracking

Stay active and healthy

Emergency Alerts

Connect the user to your call center

Flexible Features

Choose which features to use